Using WordPress All Over Again

Let the craziness begin.  I am stubborn, I used WordPress before and I was quite a nightmare, so I gave it up.
For my photography business, I finally decided to use a content management system because developing a site for photography, which functions more than a portfolio can be very complicated, and I did not want to experiment.  I finally got my site running within two weeks and it is still looking how I initially designed it two years ago.  I love it, because it is simple and it brings me business, and most importantly, the amount of time that is required is less than 1/1000 of what it is required for WordPress.

So why do I start using WordPress again?

I like a challenge.

I am designing this website for a community, for the audiences I get to meet through Youtube and Perisocpe.  I tell myself, let’s start it, the goal is to get it fully functional in 2 months, I have the time.  I spent one whole day on it, I mean straight 10 hours in front of the computer.  And I honestly feel like I have lost the battle.  The little voice “WHY DID YOU PURCHASE THAT HIGH END THEME??? YOU KNOW WORDPRESS AND YOU ARE NOT A GOOD MATCH!!!” was screaming out in a not-that-little-voice.
The thing is, WordPress has an extremely steep learning curve and it’s not necessary a money saving option.  With Zenfolio, I am spending 140USD a year only, consider the functionality and the ease of use, it’s a great deal, because it only comes down to less than 12USD a month.

Hosting WordPress alone cost almost the same amount of money, and when you factor in the time needed, it’s madness.  I don’t know, I have paid for it, I will be using it… we will see, patient is the key!

I am ending my 10 hours work day with this…


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